So, here’s an idea so brilliant that I can’t believe I haven’t seen someone else do it before:  Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies!

I saw the idea on Macheesmo, which is one of my new favourite cooking/recipe sites, and said duh, of course. I didn’t use his cookie recipe, intruiging as it is, because I don’t usually have cake flour. I instead used this one and just smooshed broken up pretzel into the top of the dough before baking them. To be honest, they were freaking delicious.

Coming up this week: A run in the park, a lot of pumpkin things, and apple picking!

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  1. Martha Stewart Sweetpants says:

    Hello, Martha Stewart Sweetpants here. I am very impressed with your monster cookies…. While I did hard time, I had wild dreams of such a cookie. I will not be in the mid-west anytime soon but I am depending on your co-worker A to try them for me. Thank you and good day-

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