Sewing Works in Progress

Make ALL the presents!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

So, as usually happens around this time of year, it’s December and I am way, way behind on present-making. This pile of stuff needs to become presents by the 25th:

Now, some of it is presents for me, like building a stockpile of fabric so I can eventually get a Christmas quilt made. This also serves as backup fabric in the event that another present is required and I forgot or didn’t plan.

The rest of this is legit supposed to go to other people in a finished something-or-other. My mother is really the only person I can get away with giving a wrapped ball of yarn and a half-finished project. She’s getting a wireless router for Christmas, so all this stuff needs to be finished.

I did get some really really cute fabric for baby things though. It was hard not to just keep it for myself.

I’ll post pictures in the next few weeks to document my hypothetical progress.