January, 2012

The problem with Star Wars: The Old Republic

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

This is a pretty great game, very dynamic, compelling stories for all the characters we’ve made. Everyone in the house is playing Sith, of course, so I’m most familiar with the Sith story and game play. That being said…

1. Why is a great and powerful Sith sorceror taking orders from Empire grunts?
2. This is only applicable to those who bought the Digital Deluxe version, but why is a great and powerful Sith sorceror riding around on the Star Wars equivalent of a Scootypuff Jr.?

As a side note, Beefcake Mansteed had the idea of recreating the ship his Sith character flies in Lego, and was working on plans to do so. However, when converted to Lego scale (people = lego figures) it would have been something like 12 feet long and 5 feet high.


Monday, January 9th, 2012

Every year, I make a bunch of cookies to get out of giving actual gifts to people for whom it is difficult to shop. It takes me an afternoon or two, and I get five or six recipients deliciously taken care of in one fell swoop. I skipped making two of the cookies I’ve made in the past (Kolacke and Spritz) because I just couldn’t be bothered, and instead opted for some new recipes. They all turned out pretty good!

I’ve made the peanut butter choco-kiss cookies before, because they are extra easy, and neither overly chocolatey nor overly peanut buttery.

Smores cookies were new this year. I really really like smores, enough to make them year round over the gas burner of our stove. Next time I make these, I will probably choose a chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s softer.

Choco-pretzels are so stupid easy, anyone can do them. I highly suggest this recipe for anyone who is baking-challenged. A tasty variation is using Rolos and toasted walnut halves. Don’t use the caramel Hersheys Kisses or you’ll end up with a sticky mess.

Drunken Honey Cookies…oh my. Sweet biscuit-like manna from heaven. MAKE THESE.

I also make iced sugar cookies every year. These cookies are not photogenic, but they are delicious. It’s a secret recipe though, so no sharing!

Conversations with Beefcake Mansteed

Friday, January 6th, 2012

D: I have to think of what I’m going to call you on the blog. You know, to maintain my privacy. I can’t use your real name. I was thinking “Beefcake Mansteed.”

Beefcake Mansteed: That’s a terrible name.

D: Really, out of all of the nicknames I’ve give you over the course of our relationship, this one isn’t so bad.

Beefcake Mansteed: Well, I guess you have a point there.

*some time passes*

D: I probably smell like whiskey right now.

Beefcake Mansteed: Yeah, you do.

D: Cougars smell like whiskey. You could pretend I’m a cougar if you wanted to.

Beefcake Mansteed: I don’t want to pretend you’re a cougar.

D: If you’re nice, you can take a field trip to the Cougar Melon Camp!

Beefcake Mansteed: *horrified look*

D: *hysterical laughter*