Milwaukee Museum Part 3

I have no recollection of every being in a butterfly room at any museum, ever. I like looking at all the trays of the pinned bugs, but this joint had LIVE butterflies.

The first thing that hits you when you go in the Puelicher Butterfly Wing is that it’s damp and warm, which is really nice during a midwest winter. It’s like a greenhouse in a museum, so it instantly sets you up for feeling tropical. It didn’t look like there were too many different types of butterflies in the room itself, and there wasn’t much information that I could see about the different species. I like reading that kind of thing.

Right at the entrance to the room is a case full of chrysalides. Some of them are absolutely crazy looking:

I thought these looked like crazy jade beads with gold accents.

Seriously, these were shiny gold. Like polished gold. You could see your reflection in them!

After you stare at the case for a few minutes and start to make your way through the room, you are struck by two things: holy crap that butterfly tried to eat my face, don’t instinctively squish it, and holy crap there are butterflies everywhere, don’t step on one.

The amazing thing is, even with my crappy little digital camera I still got some amazing photos. So, this is for real a must stop if you like taking pictures.

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