Pumpkin Things!

I am one of those people who spends the entire month of October eating as many pumpkin-based foodstuffs on which I can get my hands. If I recall correctly, last year I had 16, so that’s the goal for this year. I do, however have some very important rules and all pumpkin-based foodstuffs must meet the following criteria:

1. All items must be actually pumpkin flavoured. I like pumpkin spice as much as the next guy, but that doesn’t count. It should have actual pumpkin in it.
1a. The SINGLE SOLITARY EXCEPTION to this rule is pumpkin seeds. I pick pumpkins and roast both the pumpkin and the seeds from my bounty, so I feel like I earn that one. I’m not sure that I’d count it if I just bought them, but because I saw them come out of a pumpkin with my own eyes, they count.
2. Homemade pumpkin items can count, but you have to be reasonable about it. Pumpkin quick bread and muffins ARE THE SAME THING. Pumpkin cake and cupcakes ARE THE SAME THING. Making five variations of pumpkin bread doesn’t mean you can count five things. Variety is the point!
2a. Similar things can count separately if there is a markedly discernible difference between the two. For example, I have two different pumpkin beers this year. One is brewed only with pumpkins, one is brewed with pumpkins, cranberries, and other stuff. I suspect they will taste completely different. This makes them different enough to count as separate entities.
3. Like rule 2, purchased pumpkin things count, but buying different brands does not count as separate pumpkin-based foodstuffs. Once I have pumpkin pie yogurt from one brand, no other brand of pumpkin pie yogurt counts.

Now that we’ve established the rules, I’ll be posting my pumpkin-based foodstuff adventures for the rest of the month! Hooray!

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