October, 2011

Running in the park

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I like to run, and I run a lot.  I’m not particularly good at it, and I’m definitely not attractive when I do it, but I almost always feel better after I do it.  When I’m traveling, I try to figure out a way to run wherever I am.  I’ve spent some time running around parking lots and through those weird housing developments, and doing that kind of sucks.  I was rewarded, however, by the opportunity to run around St. Croix State Park recently.

I go running as early as possible. I don’t use an alarm clock, so when I’m at home this means any time between 7am and 8am. When I’m not at home though, I’m usually on a schedule, so this morning, I think I probably got to the park around 6:45.

A few weeks ago, St Croix State Park was hit by a tornado. Now, this park is huge. Huge enough that there were distinct sections of the park that were very obviously wrecked, and distinct sections that were nearly untouched.

It was strange to drive through about two miles of completely normal looking forest, then all of a sudden, be surrounded by bent, flattened, broken forest. All told though, it was a beautiful morning and a beautiful run. I did see four white-tail deer, but they were too quick for me to photograph.

Two snacks, powerful alone, combine to make an UBERSNACK

Monday, October 10th, 2011

So, here’s an idea so brilliant that I can’t believe I haven’t seen someone else do it before:  Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies!

I saw the idea on Macheesmo, which is one of my new favourite cooking/recipe sites, and said duh, of course. I didn’t use his cookie recipe, intruiging as it is, because I don’t usually have cake flour. I instead used this one and just smooshed broken up pretzel into the top of the dough before baking them. To be honest, they were freaking delicious.

Coming up this week: A run in the park, a lot of pumpkin things, and apple picking!


Friday, October 7th, 2011

So, when I have too much time in the morning, I usually do some cooking.  This morning, it was egg pancakes/crepes/french omelets!

Ingredients (*these are optional and customizable, duh):

Egg Pancake Batter (I really like food52.com’s recipe)
*Ham (deli meat for me)
*Cheese (I used Gruyere this time)
*Diet Mountain Dew (for powering up)

1. Pour some batter into a smallish frying pan and swirl it around just a little. Don’t use too much batter or you’ll make a regular pancake instead.

2. When it starts to look solid on top (kind of like rubber or plastic) flip that bad boy over. I do this by wildly flailing around until it flips. If you’re a coward, you could use two pans. DO NOT, under any circumstances, try to grab it with tongs or a fork or something, or it will fall apart and you’ll have to eat it in pieces, salted with your own tears.

3. Let that side cook for a minute or so, and add your fillings. Don’t use too much!

4. Fold it up. The easiest way to do this, I think, is to fold one third over the toppings, then roll the whole thing over the last third, so the overlap is in the bottom of the pan.

I gave one to my husband as a snack, and packed the other two into my bento for lunch today. YAY!

New Header!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Look at that! That’s what happens when you feel like crap but are also bored. It was fun to play around with Photoshop again, as I haven’t done any graphic design for a long long time.