Pumpkin pie squares. These were pretty tasty, but a little bit too deep to eat as squares, per se. Next time, I’ll double the crust and make in a 9 by 13 pan instead.

Pumpkin bread! I always make pumpkin bread. I made what was called “Pumpkin Gingerbread” this year, but it didn’t taste much like gingerbread to me, so I’ll be going back to my other recipe. Still pretty good though.

Finally, the last pumpkin beer:

Honestly, this was pretty gross. The good news is, it’s big and so halfway through, you stop caring and just chug it.

I have two more pumpkin recipes that I really wanted to make but didn’t get to in October, so I’ll still probably post about them later. My grand total for 2011 was only 12, so not as good as last year, but whatevs!

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