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Three Things Thursday (that’s apparently what real bloggers do)

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

1. My tolerance of liquor has diminished in some interesting ways. I find myself, as I get older, stomaching wine better and beer worse, and about the only things i can have in mixed drinks are tequila and liqueurs (whisky and whiskey are taken straight, obviously, or with a splash of Drambuie.) Consequently, i’m trying some pretty specific cocktail recipes that are outside the norm (for me.) Though I almost exclusively post drunk, I don’t drink very much in general, and you, kind audience, are the beneficiaries of my inebriated ramblings AND my liquid confection discoveries. Hence, tonight’s drink of choice, the Paloma. It’s like a margarita without the work of making a margarita, though I took mine without salted rim today. I used Joia’s grapefruit/chamomile/some other thing soda, which, while not traditional, is in fact my favourite grapefruit soda and made a lovely refreshing beverage.

2. I find the whole concept of “Three Things Thursday” to be somewhat shallow and vague enough to be abused. Case in point: I didn’t want to write a post about just booze, on account of that makes me look like an alcoholic. I also wanted to post a picture of my cats. Hence, by writing/posting on both aforementioned topics in addition to revealing my true feelings on “Three Things Thursday,” I was able to write a coherent post and prove my point while disproving my point. That means I win at the internet.

3. My cats are awesome.

says Beefcake, "Nova's the meat in a kittycuddle sandwich."

Sunday Reckoning – drunken links edition

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

I’m WAY to drunk to do anything resembling a normal post, so here’s a list of random things:

1. I went to the Almelund Threshing Shown last weekend. This is what thresing is:

Simply the most captivating tractor show in all of existence. Enthralling!

2. Beefcake: “Let me at those buns.”
Daintycakes: “No Goddamn it”
Beefcake: “That was really funny.”

3. Last week, I made some very awesome yarn:

4. Beefcake: “I’m not thinking about buns, I’m playing Star Wars!”

5. This weekend (aka today before I got drunk) I made BREAD!


6. Girl Talk’s “All Day” may be concurrently the most captivating album ever and the best background music ever.

7. At one point tonight, I pointed out to Beefcake that he was, in fact, the most upper-middle class white guy ever, and he legit responded with “I’m going medieval.” He was playing “Mount and Blade.” Beefcake rarely drinks, and almost never gets drunk, but today, all bets are off and he plays by his own rules; he’s a loose cannon. And he’s really easy to entertain.

8. Ladies are made out of breakfast food.

9. Apparently, it’s MUCH easier to grind at Star Wars: The Old Republic while drunk than it is while sober. This is not a quote from Beefcake, apparently. He’s just running around talking to people and there’s NO benefit…

Cheers, bitches!

Two Realizations

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve done a boozy post, and it’s late and I’m out of wine now, so here are two three things I’ve realized in the last 20 minutes:

1. If I’m ever allowed to get a mini donkey as a pet, I’m naming it “Hotay.”

2. I was perusing the internets and came across some dumb picture the summary of which was “hey dude wives are DUMB I totally have way more fun with my BROS when WIVES aren’t around! Let’s talk about BOOBS and FARTS like MANLY MEN DO WITHOUT THEIR WIVES AROUND.” Then I realized that boobs came up in the last conversation I had with my friend Hoecakes, and farts, among other bodily functions, come up frequently with both Hoecakes and coworker Boozecakes. Therefore, I am a manly man and also think wives suck. But I am a wife. And thus I am a Shroedinger’s cat of wifeliness.

3. This is the second reasonably accurate Schroedinger’s cat reference I’ve made today.

I also found out that Beefcake doesn’t read my blog. His explanation is that he doesn’t need to, since he “lives it.” He will be full of regret.

ETA: Drunk me is some kind of masochist who insists on watching youtube videos of Air Supply even though the lead singer looks like he wouldn’t hesitate to roofie your ass straight to Monday.

Ham! Run! – Part 1, the adventure part!

Monday, May 14th, 2012

So, this past weekend Beefcake and I made the very long trek up to the Gunflint Trail so I could participate in the Ham Run Half Marathon. It was a very adventurous time! This is part one!

We left Friday morning around 1030 or so. It’s a pretty straight shot up to the north shore from the Twin Cities, though driving through Duluth makes me dizzy. We stopped at a really neat rest stop just outside of Duluth, it had an awesome view and a map pointing out everything of note that you could see from on top of the hill. Next, because I realized about twenty minutes into the drive that I had forgotten to bring my knitting, we made an impromptu stop in Duluth at Yarn Harbor, where I bought some very pretty Colinette Jitterbug and some Cascade 150 Heritage, and a needle. Because I have huge brains, I managed to recall the lace pattern for the Sagebrush Shrug (which was my intended project) so I cast on for that with the Cascade.

We stopped in Grand Marais next to get dinner at Sven and Ole’s. We were told to get a cheeseburger pizza, which we did. It was served with pickles and was delicious.

Now, we were staying at a place called Way of the Wilderness, which is basically some bunkhouses WAY WAY up north. So the next hour and a half were spent driving, nearly by ourselves, along the Gunflint Trail up to our bunkhouse. People, this is for real “murderous hillbilly” country. When we got to the office, we saw this:

So, we just followed the directions. Got to the top of the hill and the view right outside our bunkhouse (sorry, “chalet”) was really nice:

We brought in all of our stuff, setting a few things up and taking in our surroundings. The bunkhouse we were in had a second floor, so we went to check it out, and that’s when we saw the biggest spider we’ve ever seen in real life:

Nightmare Fuel

Fortunately for this spider, we just released him outside instead of panicking and smooshing him. Spiders are good, they eat other bugs, but I wasn’t interested in this guy crawling into my mouth for warmth in my sleep.

Saturday, we slept in. The beds were remarkably comfortable and despite the frogs and bugs yelling at each other all night, we both slept really well. We went for a brief walk around the Trail’s End loop and checked out the view from some of the campsites. We then took a leisurely drive back to Grand Marais, and stopped at some scenic overlooks along the way. One of them was not actually a scenic overlook, and we walked for probably 20 minutes before giving up and turning around. I flipped off Canada too.

Not super sure this was actually Canada, but I flipped off every bit of land over a large body of water I could, just to be thorough

The next site we went to, Beefcake scared some ducks with his Mountain Dew and we found a sign for a picnic site that was probably made by wolves to trick humans.

Yeah, right, wolves TOTALLY didn't make this sign. Whatever.


We finally got to Grand Marais, and took a stroll across the break wall by the harbor. It was super windy and cold, but we were just gearing up for the next stop…
…PASTA FEED! They held a spaghetti dinner as part of the race the night before the run, so we went and ate a gross amount of spaghetti. Because I’m a terrible blogger, I did not take a picture of my spaghetti, so you’ll just have to believe me.

We drove back to Way of the Wilderness and spent the rest of the night playing Pandemic which was awesome (we bought it just for this trip) and listening to the Nerdist podcast. Up next: The race and the rest of the stuff!

Et tu, Margarita?

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Hey dudes! Drunk again. Decided to try making margaritas!

Beefcake says that tequila makes him take off all his clothes and run around, which is fine by me. I had to make some stuff up because none of the recipes matched what I had on hand, even though I went shopping for stuff to make margaritas.

Beginner Margaritas:

Fancy Booze!


1/2 cup sweet and sour mix
1/4 cup orange liqueur (I used Mandarine Napoleon, but Grand Marnier or Cointreau might work, but I don’t know because I’ve never had them)
1/3 cup tequila (Patron, on the recommendation of coworker A, also it was on sale)

1/4 lime, and some salt

1. mix all the liquid stuff together and squeeze most of the lime juice into it
2. take the lime thingie and rub it on the edge of your glass, then rub it on some salt
3. fill the glass with the booze and maybe an ice cube and drink!

According to Beefcake, it tastes just like a margarita. Success!

I also made some kickass enchiladas, but that’s gonna take some sobering up to post about. They are totally worth the wait. Next post!

ETA: Beefcake did not take off all his clothes and run around but the night did result in the following:
1. A duet of Air Supply’s “All out of love.”
2. The decision that Beefcake’s alternate nickname would be “Juicy Mangerine.”
3. A video montage of Full House’s Michelle Tanner saying “you got it, dude” over and over again.